Sunday, October 5, 2008


So I pulled a prank on my friend Eric and emailed him from a fake email address: This is not my real email address, so do not email that address. The contents of the email were as follows: "I just got across the border, and i tried to call you, so i went to the fone cumpany. But they only sold tacos. What? taco bell only sells tacos. i am a very fast runner, but my country duz not hav and olimpic teem. come pick me up, on the corner. i am here with 17 of my cousins, dont worry, we can all fit in the trunk of a geometro. oh no they are coming, By by." I thought it was pretty funny, and in a couple of days, he'll probably email back and be like ????? Anyway we'll see how it turns out. Lol

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Dawn said...

Can we say SILLY? You so mean!!